Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Used Tires for a Retaining Wall

To keep the driveway from washing away we built a retaining wall made out of tires. Back filling them with rocks and dirt. Hitting the side of the tires to make sure they are solid pack.
I really don't know how I had this idea come to me. It is probably as old as the day is long. What made me say "hay lets use these old tires." Was simply the fact that is what was laying around the property.
The idea of not spending money on things we didn't need and use our resources available to us.
Live Life Love Life
I am working on getting some of my sprouts planted, but I am afraid it is still too cool out in the morning. So, I am going to work on an idea for planting and covering them at night to protect them from any frost.
More On Thursday

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