Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feb 16 2013 moving soil

I will be uploading photo's of the progress.
Areas of the yard have so much great soil from years of leave's just being left there. So, what I did was rake up the top leaves and used a screen to separate pecans and rocks from the soil. Doing my very best to watch for worms and protecting them to move into the garden.

I am also lucky enough to have seeds that have been harvest from my previous garden. Something I learned is to save the seeds from the first group of tomato's and then the last group. It gives you the strongest growing period / length.

Also I saved old dried flower heads from multiple flowers, placing them into a paper bag. Now they are coming back into use for me to replant flowers. Flowers around the garden are great because they aren't only ascetically pleasing they draw the bees.

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