Friday, February 15, 2013

the road to self sufficient living

Now about finding a place for sustainable living. For my family it just kinda happened. We found a place not too far away from town and just below the snow line. A run down 1970's modular home with a year round creek and artisan spring. I have heard from some people with concerns of a creek too close to the house. this one was great, close enough but down hill from the house.  The plan was to rehab the house and pay off the mortgage before starting a new house. Things don't always go as planed. The house was too far gone so it was living in a 5th wheel camper. Did this for a year before we could get the garage converted into a studio for two. Not the home I was thinking of but I can tell you way better then that old camper. Converting the garage was the beginning of be self sufficient. No PG&E (electric) bills, or water bills. Power had been shut off for more then 10 years and could not be reconnected to the old house. Making us see creating our own power is a must. I have to say that when there were big storm and power outage we still had power. Some time's I would be at work and every one was talking about how the power was off for a long time. They would say to me I don't know how you do it. Well while they had no power we did. Building a battery bank and learning to use lower energy appliances we had power all night.

Who wouldn't want to learn how to live comfortably without a bunch of bills to pay.

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