Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Getting started off grid

Hi everyone. I have started a blogg about my experience living off grid. There is so much to say and the only was is to start from the beginning. I didn't know that I even wanted to live off grid. Once we got started there was no turning back. We found a place in the mountains of Berry Creek, California. The best thing about it was the it was not too far from town and just bellow the snow line. So, we do get snow but mostly it last a day or two. Lived in a 5th wheel for a year and it was tough. No electric on the property for about twenty years. The house on the property was a modular from the 70's. So, turning power on was going to be a problem. Converting the garage over into a studio was our best bet for not. Rewired the studio for 12volt and 110. This allowed us to save on the power we used on low voltage appliances and light. Running the studio on solar power storage batteries and occasionally run a generator.

.More blogging to come so keep checking in.

I have put together a reference book from web sites we used to purchase items like solar pannels, battery info, appliances and education. 
 Go to the site and take a look at the first 15 pages.
Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to share. Hope others can find their own way to a greener life. I will post some photos latter.

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