Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Preparing Garden and Fertilizing

Working hard on the garden.
Steps in getting ready; clean up my garden area, soil (move and aerate / loosen soil, worms for the soil are a must, fertilizer / nitrogen for the vegetables and flowers, seed's are being prepped in starter jiffy pot, when the weather is warm enough I will be planting those starter seeds, next will be the taking care of the garden and providing the right amount of fertilizer and magnesium for strong flowering plants. Don't forget that a good source of magnesium is epson salt diluted in water. This increases the production of flowers.
This is the garden path I worked on today.I sprayed a Mircal Grow fertilizer in the garden area to help prepare the soil for planting.
Soil I moved from the path way, saving it for latter. I was careful once more to protect the worms and placed them into the kennel soil storage. Placing a screen over the top to keep birds out. Live Life Love Life

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