Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sorry every one, it has taken me all day to get my computer up and running again.
I want to share some info on bug killer that is not harmful.
My sister got a new kitten in October. It was so small and full of fleas.Not wanting to add to his already declining heath with pesticides I got goats milk soap and washed him. It really works the fleas died but would not just fall off. They were so bad they hid in his noise and ears. Next step was to cover him in cooking oil. No not to cook him. The fleas just could not survive and slid right off. Left it on for a little while and gave him another bath. To this day he has no fleas. Even though he now go's outside the fleas don't seem to get on him. I still bath him in goats milk soap every now and then it keeps him soft, fluffy and flea free. More to come later. I worked on the garden today and gathered info to share. Greatest desire is to help others to achieve their own goal's for self sufficient living. >Live Life Love Life

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