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Miracle-Gro Gro-ables up date

March 2014
I do not wish to delete this post. It has caused so much controversy and a spread of information. Some people have taken my post in the wrong way. Sending me some very angree messages. Well that is life and everyone is intitled to take the information how they want. Due to my post and the many concerns about GMO seeds and Miracle-Grow the add for this product is no longer playing in California. So for anyone reading about this post please understand that at the time I posted it I was advising for beginners wo had no idea about gardening. Granted this kind of gard will not provide for us but it is a start. It takes baby steps to move forward. First they are exsited about their own garden. See how easy it can be. Learn more as I have about the connection on GMO and Miracle Gro, and make a decission on their own to do more.

I just saw this add for Miracle Gro seed pods. It is a garden kit with all the essentials needed for starting a garden. Sounds like a good way for someone to get started on their first garden. With the weather still a little cold, you can start these in the house in a window. Getting started is very important, so if you are considering growing from seed now is a good time to get started.
I am providing the link I found to Miracle-Gro
Gro-ables™ Seed Pods™ Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables™ Globe Tomato Seed Pod™ Miracle Gro Globe Tomato A Gro-ables™ Seed Pod™ provides an ideal growing environment for seed. View Product Details Whether you're an experienced gardener or this is your first time planting, you're going to love Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables™ Seed Pods™. Indoors or out, just plant your Seed Pods™, water, and enjoy! For complete information for growing your own Gro-ables™ garden, visit:
Plant Grow Harvest Enjoy Let's Gro! Whether you're an experienced gardener or this is your first time planting, you're going to love Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables™ Seed Pods™! It couldn't be easier! Just plant, water and enjoy! Gro-ables™ Seed Pods™ provide an ideal growing envorinment for your seed. Each ready-to-plant Seed Pod™ contains: Seed planted at just the right depth. Growing materials to help protect the seed and keep it moist. Plant food to help it grow and build strong roots.
Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables™ The pods are available singly and in packages of 6, in select stores, and in an 18-pack, via the TV offer available at or by calling 1-888-880-1402.
It has been brought to my attention that even though I saw the add in California, there are restrictions on purchase. I am currently trying to find out why that is. In the mean time if you live in California, I suggest you try jiffy pots. Go into any nursery and I am sure any customer service rep can help you get started. I love the idea of the Growables, because they are all in one.
update 2014
As I researched this I have had useful information provided to me by other's. I thank everyone who provided me with informative and positive feedback. For those of you who  rather attach in a negative way to provide your oppinion. I think you should keep a loud voice on what matters to you and make a difference. Please do not go looking for the uninformed and just straight out be mean to them. Inspire with your words of wisdom and incourage them to make a difference. My posts are on many things and this was just one harmless post of encouragement to start a garden. I saw the add as unintimidating and very symple to start for someon who has never grown their own garden before.

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  2. These little things look awesome. Sadly, for reasons I cannot find...californians are not allowed to purchase them.

  3. Monsanto is the company that supply's the world with genetically modified seeds/food -the pesticides Are grown into the seeds

    1. Thank you Anthony. It is always a pleasure to have someone advise me of what is going on. I have heard of genetically modified seeds being used to prevent farmers from being able to save the seeds from the plant for the next seasons crop. I know how serious this is and have order my own heirloom seeds. Many of the plants I am growing this year are from previous crops. Every year that I replant seeds from previous crops they seem to get stronger and adjust to my weather conditions. At one point I started my first organic tomato plant simply by accident. A tomato from the store was going bad and through it out into the yard in a dirt pile. A tomato plant started growing all by itself with little to now help from us. This is what encouraged us to start a garden. If a store tomato could grow without our help what could we accomplish with some actual hard work and love for the garden. It turned out amazing each year getting bigger.

  4. Hi Kathy,

    I appreciate your passion for organic gardening and "living off the grid". I feel bad that an innocent post about a product you were excited about became such a big ordeal. As a grad student in the field of genetics, I would like to take the time to explain why some people (including myself) feel very passionate about Monsanto and GMOs in general.

    1) The information you had posted above regarding Monsanto being a company "about farmers" is exceptionally misguided. Monsanto is a power hungry company that uses its monopoly on the seed market to force farmers into buying seeds that are genetically modified. Monsanto accomplishes this through two avenues. First, because they are so large, they control a considerable portion of the seed and agriculture industry, so they control prices. They are able to drive GMO plant seed prices much lower than organic. Second, Monsanto is constantly filing lawsuits against small organic farms that cause the small farms to either go bankrupt or have to pay Monsanto a settlement. For an example of previous lawsuits, consider this scenario: if a farmer has an organic soybean farm and Monsanto moves in next door with a GMO soybean farm, suppose by some act of God one seed from the Monsanto field is carried into the organic field (a bird carries it, the wind blows it). Monsanto then takes legal action against the small farmer because they are "using" Monsanto crops without paying for them. Many times, the farmers cannot afford these legal fees and are forced to sell their farm all because of a single seed.


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