Sunday, March 10, 2013

developing a spring

Developing a spring is very important
This diagram is very much like how our spring is set up. An artisan well was already in use on the property, we just had to develop it. For me that meant go and do research. The library is a great place to get information, but youtube was the best source for us. Not only was I able to find lots of info on springs but actually see what to expect.
It took us a while to get the spring back into good working order. Digging it out and rebuilding a cover to keep leaves and stuff out. The first couple of years it was mostly used for watering the garden. Which was great for the garden because the water was high in minerals and nitrogen. Every year during the summer we would climb up the hill with shovels and buckets to clean out the spring. Rebuilding the walls and clearing the surrounding area of leaves. Replacing the pipe from the spring to the lower property, we an outlet to the water storage tank. Before filling the water tank, we would run the first water into a garden barrel. After a good flow of water the pipe would be clear of any dirt and then fill the storage tank running through a filter. With the improvements on the spring it made life so much easier for us. The water in the spring started to last further into the summer months. Pumping water into the tank in the winter time was not only time consuming but more likely to pump dirty water. The spring would always be settled and gravity feed to the tank. No mus no hard work.
Some times it is better to work smarter and not harder. OK all the time it is good to work smarter. The spring was the best hard work I ever did to improve the property.

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