Friday, March 15, 2013

Lockhart Seeds, Inc.

Lockhart Seeds located on 3 N Wilson Way, Stockton, CA 95205
My Mom, took me here when I was a kid. How could I have forgotten about this place. Now that I am back in Stockton, my Dad took me by the store. I was so amazed by the amount of seeds and service.
What looks like a library catalog, is drawers full of seeds. Caring a variety of 400 seeds that you can buy by the packet or the pound. Lockhart has been supplying, nurseries, farmers, landscaping and the garden enthuses for over 50 years.
Business Details Seeds & Bulbs / Farms / Lawns / Pastures / Field Seed / Farm & Garden Supply / Garden Equipment / Insecticides
LOCKHART SEEDS ; If It's Seeds. We Have It
I encourage you to go out and find seed stores in your area.
Starter kits for the garden enthuses.
Seeds March 2013
Thank you Steve Auten, for allowing me to take photo's and post information.

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