Sunday, April 7, 2013

The raised garden planting April 6 2013

I nailed chick wire to two 2x2 and placed it leaning on the fence. As the cantaloup grows it will climb the wire.

I planted the cantaloup next to the wire fence and then used some green floral tap to secure it to the wire. As it grows up the fence I will add more ties to support the cantaloup.

Placed broken egg shells around the plants to keep slugs and snails away. The dried egg shells act like broken glass to the snail, so they will not cross it to eat the leaves.

Dried Egg Shells >

 An addition of plastic for a temporary green house effect is added to protect the plants from any rain / hail storms. I placed some boards leaning on the fence to staple plastic to. I can roll the plastic up when the weather is good.

A temporary green house for the plants. Every thing I used I already had around the house.






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Due to a bad wind storm this did not turn out so good for the plants. Please read post planting mishap please learn from my mistake. 4/12/2013

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