Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

I hope that you took part in Earth Day this year. any thing from joining an even to planting your own garden. Me, I took part in the Stockton Earth Day at the park. From farm coops and garden clubs to free music. It was a wonderful day to take part of the community.

Stockton, CA

Earth Day 2013

 Earth Day free music

 Farm Fresh To You

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 Reuse of cardboard box's to create a fort for kids.
Habitat for Humanity
Love this store, it is great to donate old good condition stuff or pick something up.
ReUse, ReCycle, and support your community.
1038 W. Fremont St
Stockton, CA

 Brookside Bobcats
represent at the Stockton Earth Day

 Stockton California, is providing community gardening that provides a service of fresh food. Located at the Port of Stockton, they are happy to have volunteers to work the garden.
Earth Watch showed up at the Stockton Earth Day

 Brookside Bobcats
represented at the Stockton Earth Day, with their reuse of old shoes as flower pots.
 At the Earth Day they had a great butterfly release. The kids loved it. A great way to celebrate spring and the Earth...
 Compose the uses of old for new soil.

 Teens encouraging people to eat real food.
These girls reminded me of
Jamie's Food Revolution

I don't know these girls but I am so pround of them just the same.

 Farm Fresh To You

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Earth Day in Stockton, California 2013

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