Thursday, April 18, 2013

On A Sad Note (Boston Marathon)

My heart goes out to all the people involved in the bombing at the Boston Marathon. When I lived in the mountains off grid I heard and saw very little of the devastation that was happening around the world. With the occasional up date from phone calls with family and seeing a headline in a news paper I was sheltered from the sadness of things people do. Should I even say people? It is hard to understand why anyone would attach people they do not even know. From shootings at movie theaters to this bombing. There is too much to even mention.

Things like this have encouraged me to become self sustainable. Danger is every where yet if we do not get out and enjoy life are we really living it. For me the best I can do right now is by not letting sadness get me down. Live Life and Love Life it is what we make of it.  Focus on being part of a community that shares the same ideas of gardening, sustainability, education, and enjoying life. There is so much more to life than these things I mentioned, like Family.

You cant live life being afraid of what might happen, so make a change starting with you. Take a moment and think about what is important to you. Not to mention what thought makes you happy.  I have been collecting ladybugs from my front yard and moving them into the garden. They fly away I know but I love seeing them in the garden. Not to mention the good they do for the garden. Even though I am in the city right now I find my joy in the garden. Working on ways to become self sustainable. I encourage every one to find their joy in their life.

Live Life Love Life

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