Friday, April 5, 2013

April 5, 2013 No Rain today

I was so glad to be able to go outside today and do some thing. With the rain and me moving dirt around I tracked some mud into the house. I usually have a pair of outside shoes by the door that I take off as soon as I come in. To help cut down on the dirt traffic I built a small wood walk way.

I did this all with stuff that was around the house. Dad, had some old 2 x 2 boards and end cuts from another project. Placed three 2x2 down and used a brick to evenly space the boards nailing them down on the 2x2. Placed stepping stones I had in another garden area to make the turn to the patio. A box of wild flower seeds will be used in the open dirt areas.

When I got up early this morning I took a walk around the yard and found ladybugs. It is so great to see so many ladybugs.  My previous garden in Berry Creek, had a natural pool of ladybugs spanning every year.  I collected some ladybugs, saving them from the birds and placing them in the garden area.

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