Friday, April 12, 2013

Planting mishap please learn from my mistake

Hi everyone, I planted some of my squash last week placing a chicken wire fence for it to climb on. Unfortunately, after planting and being so proud of my work a wind storm came up. The wind storm blew down my fence taking two plants out of the ground.

As sad of a moment it was for me to see my plants messed up, I got back to work and tried to care for the plants. With a little work and love I hope they will be fine. This weekend I am going to start planting Tomato's.

With a little work I hope these plants will recover.

As much as I hate making mistakes I think it is more important to learn from them. I share my mistake so that may be others can avoid the same problem. Now the plants are not loosely tied to the fence and can grow up the fence on its own.

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