Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Grid tie and your solar power

 I love getting questions about self sufficient living. Weather it be about gardening, off grid, or energy storage. To tell you the truth i don't know every thing there is to know, but am happy to share and gather information.

Depending on where you live and what your plans are for energy saving, there will be a different answer for each of us. Living in a city or large community areas can be inconvenient and costly.   This is just my opinion not a factual statement. My experience has been on a peace of property that had no power service. As we worked on the property it was a plan to turn power on. While camping and building we found we could live just fine without being tied to the system. During storms when other people on the mountain had no phone or power, we where still up and running. When living in an area where a storm can take power out for hours to days at a time, it was very convenient to be self sufficient.

Some photo's of my living off grid.

A Spider in the garden shows how you can grow organic in harmony with nature. 

A little garden

Wood camping stove. I turned it with the opening for firewood up. This made it more efficient for cooking. We where able to put a Wak on it and have a wonderful stir fry out side without a hug mess.

Solar panel on hill side to the right.

This little garage became our studio apartment. The house that was on the property was so far gone there was no rehabbing it. Power had been shut off for 12 years and what it would have taken to upgrade to get it turned back on was not worth it. The plan was to build up the garage into a studio and pay off the property. Future plans to build a home and the hook up to PG&E. After seeing how well we did in the studio and saving power plans changed to become more self sufficient and finding ways to build and not hook up to the system. Although at times having PG&E would have been easier. 

Put together all of my research for web sites and references on info for self sufficient living.

 Additional informative sites about Grid Tie.

Check out Mother nature news for off-Grid vs. Grid-Tied

 I found this insightful site title "Reality check: When the power grid goes down, all grid tie system will go down to.

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