Sunday, July 28, 2013

dandelion root

Dandelion (taraxum officinale), historically speaking, had medicinal use as treatment for diseases of the liver, spleen, and kidneys. Fast forward into contemporary times, medical research could not find any dandelion root benefits to treat any such disease. Could it be that the ancients were wrong about the dandelion root? Some believe that old wisdom still has its merit as we present reasons why dandelion can still provide huge health benefits.


This is just a reminder that sometimes even a weed can be beneficial. So when thinking about your rosemary, oregano and basil you can take a look at dandelions for a benefit to your health.

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  1. Nice blog, well set out. It wouldn't suprise me if the scientists used Hypochaeris radicata, (also known as catsear, flatweed, cat's ear or false dandelion, is a perennial, low-lying edible herb often found in lawns) instead of the dandelion to run the tests :)


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