Friday, May 3, 2013

New tomato's Garden update May 3 2013

 Garden update

My apology to all, about not being on for a while. I was not feeling good and had lots to do just like any one else.

Checking the plants every day for growth and bugs. I knew when I saw yellow jackets buzzing around to keep a close eye on the leaves for bugs. I could be wrong about the yellow jackets, but I did find bugs. I mixed my castle natural soap with water in a spray bottle and carefully sprayed pants every night. Looking for bugs and plucking them off. Of course I also sprayed the plants down in the morning washing the bugs away.

Baby Tomato's can you see them.

The purple is yarn tied to a stake and carefully rapped around the main  plant for support.

I have more photo's of the garden to show you but for some reason I am unable to load them right now.

Thank you for reading. Hang in there I have more to share.

Live Life Love Life

 Snow peas
May 3 2013

 Garden May 3, 2013


 Snow Peas
there was so much wind I added a strap to support the top of the plant.



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