Friday, May 3, 2013

Mini Green house dome kit

Once again someone has sent me a comment on Mirical Grow and the connection to GMO.

 I hope that we can always learn and not tear others down for their strong beliefs. Thank you for Reading.

magnoliaearth <>
1:54 PM (19 hours ago)

to me
magnoliaearth ( has left a new comment on your post "Miracle-Gro Gro-ables up date":

For someone who is touting sustainability and organic living I am appalled that you are promoting any miracle grow product. If living responsibility is important for you, do some research. These products are bad for the environment, animals, and humans. They are not available in CA because thus far that is the only state standing up to Monsanto.

Any credibility you may have had with me is gone. Go ahead, plant them. You won't be able to plant anything else. You will be eating their GMO seeds, and yes, they do contain herbicides and pesticides. Why do you think they are genetically modifying things in the first place? To make them invincible and to make their products the only thing left to use. The problem - there are weeds not becoming resistant as well - when there is a weed that cannot be killed it becomes invasive and ruins the natural balance, can cause the extinction of other species, and can cause animals and insects native to the area to be unable to get the nourishment they need.

These are banned in 22 countries and the whole EU.

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Kathy Hunt <>
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to magnoliaearth
To each person their own which is their right in life. I am happy you feel so strongly about this. It shows there are people out there with standards and education to know the truth. I am sharing information and am always happy to pass information on. Unfortunately I do not find threats and anger comments helpful to any one. I am replying to this anger comment only to allow people to understand where I am coming from. Negative energy and vicious comments are not making me feel bad. So, what do you hope to achieve by reading my blog and posting mean nasty comments. Why dont you ask the questions. Why would i post this kids mirical growable kit. For most kids they have no patients to understand what it takes to see a seed grow. I believe this little green dom is a great way to experience the process  in a relatively simple process. It is all self contained and anyone can do the steps and see a seed grow. Do I think that this little dome can provide a step in education yes. Do I think it is going to provide a food source no. Every one has to start some place. My personal garden is grown from my own organic seed. Started in jiffy pots in the house. If you have been fallowing my blog and had some sort of admiration for it I would think that you read this before. Also I have posted information on this problem of GMO and the connection with Mirical Grow. You must have so much information to pass on to others because you feel so strongly about this. Please feel free to forward your own blog sit information. How are you sharing education and the realities of the world we are living in? I am sure there are many of us amateurs out there who would like to know what you have to share.
Looking to a positive solution to the problems of the world are on going. Negativity drags us down and backwards. Moving forward is going to take one step at a time. May nature and earth be on our side.
Live Life Love Life

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