Tuesday, January 14, 2014

garden tips

Find your Master Gardeners in your community.
snow peas


You can find lots of information and even classes by connecting with the community.

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy this issue of Garden Notes. Happy gardening! 

Garden Chores              
Lockhart Seeds              
Pests and Plants-amping Off, Citrus Leafminer, Creeping Bentgrass, Golden Chain Tree, Lenten Rose, Nandina
Growing Knowledge   
Taste, Memory, Forgotten Foods, Lost Flavors and Why They Matter
Native Bees
Building a Home for Native Bees
Local Garden Clubs
The Help Desk
Protecting Stormwater
Coming Events
2014 Weekend Workshops

Download and view the newsletter here.
HTML Link: http://sjmastergardeners.ucanr.edu/?newsitem=49723


Planting Guide - A useful chart that shows planting and harvesting dates of warm and cool season crops that do well in our area.
Vegetable Planting Guide (From Master Gardener Handbook)
Vegetable Garden Basics - ANR publication #8059 (PDF 86kb), is a 7-page document that covers planning and planting a home vegetable garden.

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